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Standard Rage Room


Axe Room


Come in, suit up, grab a bat, and launch a glass breakable in to the concrete floor to see an orchestra of glass bounce across the whole room. Direct your own symphony of madness. The original standard rage room, regularly lit with LED lights, custom Bluetooth speaker, and tons of glass items to break as well as custom specialties for those wanting just that much more. Toss a printer, rip apart a washer, or just play some good ole' bottle baseball. Can't go wrong. 

Breaking stuff is great but you know what else is great? Grabbing a competition throwing knife, smiling at your friend and throwing it perfectly in to a target down our range. We like to ask ourselves here why not? We have ninja stars, competitive throwing knives, smaller throwing knives, and of course tomahawks. So rage on, then try your hand with our hour long axe room experience. Oh, and we NEVER make our customers share lanes. Whether there is one of you, or your in a group of 10, you're never going to share it with anyone outside your group. Your experience matters to us, and this way you don't ever to worry about making some pesky minimum. Leave that stress for the birds and come launch a ninja star in to a wooden target!

Trust me you're going to want to try it when you see it! 

Escape Room


Starting October 1st 2020, you are tasked with escaping the Insane Asylum where experiments and heinous acts have been taking place for years. The inmates are in control now. You and your team came in to find out what happened to the prior administration, not realizing the inmates are the ones still in charge. Now you only have one hour to escape!

This escape room is scary! As long as you're comfortable getting spooky, book that spot and try your luck!

Splatter Room


Add a little color to your life! With our new splatter room you get your own paint canvas, and quart of each color to throw paint at your canvas, at the wall, or each other! Go color crazy! Fun for the ENTIRE family! Sometimes getting a little messy is a good thing!

Our Facility 


Come to our new 4300 sq foot facility right off of Broadway directly next to park place mall in the heart of Tucson. Come play pool, break glass and throw some knives at the coolest place in town. We love our customers. And we're excited to bring in the next year with this awesome community. And if you're thinking of coming in, we can't wait to see you! 

Call or email us with any questions!

Come have the most fun you've had in your life here with us. 

At The Breaking Point, we're about innovative entertainment, and we're pushing the industry forward every year. If you'd like to advertise with us or sponsor us please reach out. 

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