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What is a breakable?

Do I need an appointment?

-Breakable items are glass items. Things that pop when you hit them! Like beer bottles, liquor bottles, plates, glasses, and more! (Crowd favorite)

-We always will fit you in if you decide to walk-in! However we do get REALLY busy. Which is awesome :) So we ALWAYS strongly recommend booking ahead in advance via our handy dandy book now button on our website!

What is a booster?

-Boosters are like specialty add-ons that you can choose from. Things like small electronics (printers) to big electronics (TV) to make you experience that much crazier. You can also add on additional glass as well! And just a little pro tip, if you have anything from home you want to bring in as well, that's no extra charge. 

Is there an Age limit?

-As long as they can fit our safety equipment they can participate. However anybody under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian fill out the liability waiver for them in house. 

How do I book? 

-You can make a reservation by going to our home page and clicking book now! When you press book, choose which room you're looking to do (we have a lot to choose from!) Once you have a room in mind, press that, choose which package you're looking to do, what day/time you're looking to come in and make your appointment. 

What rooms do you have?

We are the only business in the world that does everything under one roof :) We have a rage room, an Axe Throwing Room, an Escape Room and a Splatter room all located in our 4300 square foot facility. 

How big are the rooms? 

The Rage room is very large. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a large space to safely have a great time! We can easily fit up to 9 at a time in the Rage Room! 

The Axe Throwing Room is spacious as well and has 4 different lanes. 

The Escape Room is 1300 square feet, and has 5 different spaces to explore. 

The Splatter Room is large enough to hold up to 10 people at one time. Small spaces limit customer experiences so that's why we provide our clients with tons of room and privacy! 

What are the packages?(Rage Room) 

-Each package offers a different amount of time in the room and breakables per person! You can also add on boosters like a small electronic or a large electronic. You can always bring in something from home to smash at no additional cost as well! The packages are listed below: 

Rage in the Cage: 15 minutes in the room, 20 glass items per person. $25 x person

Date Night: 30 minutes in the room, 30 glass items total and a small electronic. (2 people maximum) 

Rough Day: 25 minutes in the room, 30 glass items per person. This is the most commonly booked package. 

Smash Therapy: 25 minutes in the room, 45 glass items per person. 

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